Dick Cover Silicone Condom in Pakistan  7,500 Save: 1,000(12%)

Pakistan Silicone Lola Condom in Pakistan | Skin Reusable Condom

Sperm extender prolongs sexual intercourse and brings pleasure to parents. Waterproof and easy to clean, easy to clean and antibacterial, durable and suitable for long-term use. Super soft, flexible and one size fits all, it is a great tool for men to reduce premature ejaculation and promote ejaculation. Dick Cover Silicone Condom in Pakistan, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Bahawalpur, Kasur, Bahawalnagar, Sambrial, Kot Addu, Ahamd Pur East And Many Other Cities of Pakistan.

What are Lola Condoms?

Carefully open the package and remove the gloves. Place the condom on the head of your erect, hard penis. If you haven’t been circumcised yet, get circumcised first. Silicone transparent gloves are ultra-thin, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body. There are convex points on the surface, which can stimulate women’s sensitive parts and make the female sex stronger.

Aren’t Lola condoms poisonous?

Easy to kill bacteria, no water, clean and very safe. Since it is soft, flexible and one size fits all, men can use this wonderful tool to improve sex and reduce premature ejaculation. Cool the end of the plastic bag.

Penis Condom Original

Use the condom on your genital area. After intercourse, hold the condom by the base before removing it. Then put on the glove and pull it out. The protruding part of the skin will create sensitive areas in women and increase the woman’s sexual desire. With the help of sperm extenders, couples can have more sex.

Brown Skin Condom Price in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi

Pakistani brown silicone gloves. Colored condoms, like other types of condoms, are usually available in different colors. The color of the gloves is mostly for aesthetic purposes and does not affect the function or performance of the gloves.

Most condoms, including silicone condoms, are transparent or see-through, providing better and better visibility.

How to use crystal Condom

  • Carefully open the gloves and remove the pads. Pakistani super polka dot gloves.
  • Place the condom on your erect, hard penis.
  • If he is not circumcised, remove his skin first.
  • Remove air from the top of the plastic bag.
  • If he is not circumcised, remove his skin first.
  • Remove air from the top of the plastic bag.
  • Slide the condom into the vagina.
  • Place the plastic bag on the bottom after sex, but before removing it.
  • Then remove the glove, keep the glove in place.
  • Dispose of gloves properly, wash and save for next time.

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Pakistan Dick Condom Price-7500/PKR

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