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Pure Multi Flower Honey Price in Pakistan |

Multi Flower honey is a type of Multi Flower  honey that is collected from the nectar of a variety of flowers, plants and herbs, in meadows, forests and mountains. This is why it is also called wild flower honey. As Multi Flower honey is collected from different sources, it tastes fruity without losing the honey aroma that we love so much.

Multi Flower honey is one of the most amazing of all natural ingredients that treat various health problems like indigestion or wounds as well as sunburn or other skin problems.

Used of Multi Flower Honey in Islamabad, Quetta, Lahore…

The most popular use of all types of honey, including Multi Flower honey, is as a natural sweetener. Whether you want to add it to your cup of tea, use it for cooking and baking or on its own, our high-quality natural multi-floral honey is a great choice for any use preference.

You can use Multi Flower honey as a natural sweetener instead of sugar substitute in your diet. It gives a sweet aroma and taste to your food or drink without adversely affecting your health as our honey is 100% natural and pure.

Different Types of Honey

There are two major honey types; Blossom honey and Honeydew honey.

Here, Blossom honey has available in three major types as follows:

Multi Flower or Multi Flower Honey
Multi Floweror Polyflowerl Honey
Infused Honey
Multi Flower Monoflower Honey
Multi Flower honey otherwise known as Uniflower honey is collected by bees pollinating a single variety of plants or single flowering plant.

Benefits Of Multi Flower Honey.

  1. The multiflowered honey is representing as a natural remedy for sore throat and cough.
  2. Multiflowered Honey helpful in cleanse the skin, detoxify and help get rid of various
  3. skin ailments like rashes, acne, eczema and dryness.
  4. Raw Multiflowered Honey is also helpful in inducing sleep.
  5. Multiflowered honey is very helpful in decreasing cholesterol levels.
  6. It is a good natural energy source during exercise.

Nutritional Value

Carbohydrates= 88.12 % (of which sugars: 80.0 g)
Fats= Traces
Protein= Traces
Crude Fibers= Traces
Calories= 352 kcal

More Details About Multi Flower Honey

Ye Honey Medani Ilaqo Ke janglaat se february r march ke maheeno ke akhta kya jata hai. is shahd ko makhya pholo, phalo r jari botio se nektar akhta kr ke bnati hain. is mie vitamins and minrals wafir miqdar mei pay jaty hai. lehaaza log log isy apny khano, mashrobat , chay mein cheni ke mutbadil ke tor pr istamal krty hai. is mein majood anti oxident apki body ko detoxify kty hai . qowat madafat ko brhaty hai r shugr jesy mozi bemarue se mehfoz rkhty ha

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